Our membership team, Jill Cox, Terry Daprile and John Burgan, gave an update on membership for this coming year. The goal is to get 20 new members this Rotary year. 
Membership forms and brochures for available for potential new members. As a sponsor of a new member, it's important to note that our duties are not complete once the new member is inducted. 
Periodically we will have new member introductions, beginning next week, so we get the opportunity to learn more about each new member as a club. Monthly, there will be a membership minute where the club will receive updates about what's new and how we can help actively recruit. 
Who doesn't love a good contest? Throughout the year, it will be a Battle of the Sexes to see which group (male or female) can bring in the most potential new members as guests to a club meeting. For each potential guest, your group will receive one point on the board. John promises awesome prizes!