Boardman Rotary welcomed Sean Posey, author of "Lost Youngstown," to its April 26, 2016, meeting to discuss his recently published book. 
Posey, an urban explorer and historian, covers the history and lessons of the area in three distinct areas: industry, places and neighborhoods. Each brings to light some lesser known or forgotten facts about Youngstown, such as the fact that it was once known as the "biggest little city," ranked as the 45th largest city in the nation, and topped the charts in home ownership. 
Posey noted in his presentation that, while he does focus on the past of the city that was once an industry giant, it's also to give hope and direction to those working to revitalize the area.
"This is not just about local history and nostalgia," said Posey. "This is to say 'ya know what, we have a justifiable pride in our heritage here.' It's not all doom and gloom."
"Lost Youngstown" has currently sold out of its first pressing. However, if you are interested in securing a copy, Jill Cox is taking order for the next run. 
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