Youngstown Neighborhood Development is a city-wide neighborhood planning and development non-profit located in downtown Youngstown. The organization's goal is to stabilize and revitalize Youngstown's neighborhoods. 
Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation is working on a new effort: the South Side Revitalization Project. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, and its aim is to reduce crime and improve community safety. The area targets the south side of Youngstown based on to years of data and crime statistics. The organization, which focuses on neighborhood stabilization and revitalization in the city of Youngstown, is worked with a number of area partners to target hot spots of criminal activity. 
The initiative is underway with projects such as work days, working with landbanks and grant submission. YNDC is also coordinating data evaluation with Youngstown Police Department, Youngstown State University and others. 
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