Dr. Muhannad Kassawatt is originally from Syria. He had the fortune of studying medicine in Cuba for 7 years. He went back to Syria in 1992 and graduated from medical school. Dr. Kassawatt came back to America in 1997, where he attended Youngstown State University for a masters in Biology, Kent State University for his PhD in Molecular Biology, and did his residency at West Virginia University in Morgantown for four years. In 2010, he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Destin, Florida. At one point during his service, he was responsible for 2400 active troops. Dr. Kassawatt encourages our youth to consider the military, and all it has to offer. 
Him and his family moved back to Youngstown in 2013. His children go to Poland and his wife teaches at Youngstown State University. After working with Belmont Pines and Travco, Dr. Kassawatt decided to start his own practice in 2016. He now has 5 offices and a full staff with 4,000 office visits per month. He is board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine, and got involved with Boardman Rotary to be more involved in the community he works in. He wants all Rotarians and community members to know that he is here for any of us, and anyone we know. Mental illness is not something we choose. We have more stress now than ever, and at the end of the day we need to take care of each other.
Dr. Muhannad Kassawatt and John Burgan the day he was inducted into Boardman Rotary.