Rotarian Jill Cox recently went on a mission trip to Jamaica where her and a group from her local church helped work on “Helmbrecht Hall”. Jill shared photos and stories of her time in Jamaica, including personal stories of those she met, the group's time in Negril during the excursion day, and how the mission trip was a true combination of hard work and great friendship.
Jill’s church took a group of teens and adults on the trip where they worked alongside local community members to help build the hall. Her and the others in her group stayed with the pastors from a local church and traveled 40 minutes each day by bus to their worksite. At the end of the trip, the volunteers gave their boots and other clothing items to the locals who helped build so that they have work boots and clothes. 
If you have any questions about the trip, or did not get a chance to see the photos Jill shared with the club on Tuesday, be sure to reach out and chat!