The Club was joined today by Carolyn Gibbons from the Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic. She spent time talking to us about addiction, and how we've gotten to the state that we are in with the current opioid crisis. We learned about the factors that create addiction with people that include heredity, abuse, availability, and prescription practices.
About the Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic:

In 1946, Jack Deibel opened one of the nation's first facilities for the treatment of alcoholism. In 1947, Mr. Deibel turned this pioneering program over to the nonprofit Youngstown Committee on Alcoholism, and its founder and first Executive Director, Neil Kennedy.  Operating for years as the Alcoholic Clinic of Youngstown, the center later expanded its focus to include treatment of both alcohol and other drug dependencies, and added new programs and services. 

In 1999, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers became a part of Gateway Rehab and added outpatient facilities in Austintown and Howland, Ohio. Today, treatment services are accredited by The Joint Commission and certified by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services.


For more information about the Neil Kennedy Recover Centers, please visit: