Today the club was joined by Timothy Saxton, Superintendent of the Boardman Local Schools. He shared updates with us about the Boardman Local Schools. First was a big thank you out to the Boardman community for passing the renewal levies that support the costs needed to maintain the school system.
Tim talked about how the $43.1 Million budget is used. In the PK-12 programs there are 4,300 students. There are 7 school buildings, a fleet of 57 buses and 4 vans, 3,495 students are transported daily, 1,590 lunches and 430 breakfasts are served daily, 4,100 school owned internet devices are used daily on 275 wireless access points. In the Boardman Schools there are 660 employees that include 308 certified educators, with the rest serving in support positions.
In comparison to the 20 most related school districts in the state, the Boardman Local Schools perform higher than its peers while also keeping spending controlled. Currently the schools are also converting from school days to hours. In the new standard students in grades K-6 must meet 910 hours, and 1,001 in grades 7-12. The Boardman Schools are proud to be well over those minimum standard hours. Looking at graduation statistics, 89% are going to college, 3% are going into the trade schools, and 8% are going into the workforce or military after leaving the Boardman Local Schools. 
Next, Time shared with us that the Boardman Local Schools are entering their centennial year. In 1918, four students were the first to graduate from Boardman High School. In this year, the schools are conducting several events, in June 2017 there was a community day, in September the schools recognized athletics, looking forward, the Celebration of the Arts will take place on January 20 in the Boardman Performing Arts Center with a Disney musical event. The celebration of Academics will be in May of 2018 to celebrate the centennial year.
Finally, in the spring of 2018 the Boardman Local Schools are looking to continue their stadium project to finish the newly built stadium for the Boardman Local Schools. For more information on the Boardman Local Schools, visit: