Krista Beniston, Director of the Department of Planning and Zoning from Boardman Township joined us for our meeting today to discuss some of things that the department works on. The planning and zoning department focuses on property maintenance, permitting, and planning. This focuses on both residential and commercial properties.
Coming next year, residents will be able to use a new online system where they can apply for permits, file complaints, and also see where in the process permits, complaints, and other necessary items are in the process of being approved or resolved. 
Trends and planning - the department is excited to be looking into the future. The zoning department is looking closely at which types of complaints have been coming in, the demographics of the community, and other information. Looking at market segment maps, population density and where owner occupied houses are located in the township have become very valuable to the planning. Currently, the department is looking at the Market Street Historic District for upgrades to support a mixed use walkable neighborhood, and applying for grant funding that will create a better block and multi-modal study to create a plan for the area.
Coming this year, the community planning will involve a comprehensive plan for Boardman Township, and updating zoning code.
For more information about the Boardman Township Planning and Zoning Department, visit: