Tuesday, Aug. 9, was "Bring a Friend to Rotary" Day for Boardman Rotary. The meeting, the first planned for the new Rotary year, is designed to help increase attendance by three percent over the 2016-2017 term. 
After viewing a short video on what the club does during a regular year, Jill Cox went over the rules of membership:
  • prospective members are welcome to join the regular club meetings with their sponsor for a maximum of two meetings. 
  • After attending meetings, the prospective members are welcome to apply for membership. 
  • The application can be submitted to Jill or Matt Parkes for processing. 
  • Once received, Jill or Matt will forward the application to Beth Ann Tabak to be printed in the weekly newsletter for a period of two weeks. 
    • During this time, Rotary members are asked to view the name of the member and the classification, and voice any concerns over the new member.
  • Once the name has appeared in the newsletter for a period of two weeks, and if no objections are raised, the member will be invoiced for dues. Once dues are received, the new member will be pinned.