A brief update on Oktoberfestival from organizers Jill and Josh:
Oktoberfestival is just three months away. We have had several meetings at Burgan and are thrilled with the commitment from those who have been attending and working hard toward success of this year's event.
Tuesday's meeting will be your time to ask questions, share ideas, learn job assignments, and concentrate on your niche/find the team to plug in to based on your skills, abilities and talents.
Our meeting at Burgan on Thursday, July 9, showed we are right on track, but let's be better than that this year. Lets exceed all possibilities and predictions!
We are adding a kid's zone near Master's Pavilion. We currently have a commitment for a rock climbing wall and have a contact for Bounce-a-Round. If you have other ideas, contacts, suggestions, please bring them on Tuesday or reach out to us.
Don't miss Tuesday! YOU are part of a successful Oktoberfestival!