Amy Radinovic, Communication Coordinator at Boardman Local Schools, and five students from BSTN - Seniors Alex Naples, Dalton Lewis, Emma Tannehill, Junior Sam Holter and sophomore Carter Cailor came in to thank Boardman Rotary for their donations of equipment throughout the last few years. They explained how helpful the new wireless telex system that rotary donated in 2019 was when it came to improving their communication at events and how much easier it was to use without having to be "plugged in". They also thanked the club for the continued support of the overall program. The students mentioned how lucky they were to have a program that prepared them  and even gave them a "leg up" for college and even one day a career in TV, broadcast, or production. They appreciate all the friendships they have made and knowledge they have learned through this program. BSTN also made Boardman Rotary a thank you video - you can view it here -