Shelly LaBerto-Dues
*2020 First half dues are past-due.  If you haven't paid yet, please pay soon.
*$130 and if an invoice is needed, she will resend

Denny Thompson-Pancakes Tickets
*Denny Thompson distributed tickets to Boardman Rotarians
*12 tickets at $6 each were given and each Rotarian owes $72 for their tickets
*Note the dates for the Pancake Event are March 21 & 22 and March 28 & 29.
* If you want to exchange your tickets for new ones with the correct dates on them - please bring them with you next week 2/
John Rudolph-Pancake Sign-Up
*Workers are needed for all shifts still on all 4 days

Potential New Members
*Jim Hruska - IT Consulting
*Stephanie Landers - Government Administration

Jill Cox
*Russian / American Exchange - April 10-18 - 2 Boardman High School Musicians traveling to Russia
$1000 ($500 per student) approved by the club

Shannon Tirone - Community Readings
*Potential Development-$5000-first reading
School Pantry for students
*SMARTS-$6500-first reading
For Arts program-Downtown Youngstown
*Boy Scouts - $2500-first reading
Celebration of Scouting Breakfast

*Project - MKC-$2500-first reading
Making Kids Count
*Inspiring Hope-$2000-first reading
Two Beatitude House-Scholarships ($1000 each)
*Boardman Schools.  Up to $4500-first reading
10 New Band Uniforms
*Public Library-$1000
Children's Summer Discovery / Reading Club (6000 students)
Motion passed by club

*Eagle Scout-$800
Greenway Bike Trail-Central Structure-Project Completion
Motion passed by club

Ron James
*Presented Terry Daprile with his 6th Paul Harris Fellow

*$100 addition for scholarship prizes for 4 Way Test Speech Contest
Motion passed by club

*$20 lease for new Rotary Storage Building ($1 a year lease-20 years)
Motion passed by club

*Creation of Oktoberfest Treasurer who will handle all accounting for the event
Motion passed by club

*Nomination of Terry Daprile for Oktoberfest Treasurer for 2020 event
Motion passed by club

John Jameson
*Condolences to Phyllis Strange-mother-in-law of Brian Governor